Learning About Light in Photography

Camera technology, whether film or digital sensor, is driven by light. Al Judge in his book, Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure, explains the exposure triangle. The descriptions are concise and complete. While he describes the technical components of the camera that deals with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, he explains the properties of light, distance, and lens type that affects the final image. No where did I see a discussion of mega pixels, or an emphasis on zoom and other features that may be useful but secondary to making good judgments about core contributors to exposure. Across the pages of his book I began to appreciate that the process of photography is the adjustment of light to produce the desired level of picture quality.


What is Photography?

Photography is not something I practice as a hobby or profession in terms of interest. It is something I am studying for the next few days related to other things. A book by Jason Youn titled, Mastering Digital Photography has been useful in understanding more about the camera. My ability to navigate camera technology has been a function of understanding sensors, the computer technology of cameras and my arts past in illustration. As of this writing, I have read the first 3 chapters covering the mechanical aspects of the digital camera. The question I began with as I looked into photography is better define the goals of photography.